Our best recommendations for tools, equipment, seeds, and more to help you grow your own garden. 

Some links below provide us with a small affiliate commission if you purchase them. All of these products are recommended for their quality. 

Microgreens Course

Presented by Laura Patterson from Handgrown Greens, this in-depth course is designed to teach you everything about making your own microgreens business work.

Microgreens Tools

Bootstrap Farmer 5×5 Plastic Tray Inserts — These are the sturdiest inserts for growing microgreens.

Bootstrap Farmer 5×5 Plastic Shallow Tray Inserts — Strong and durable like the deeper inserts but only about 1” tall. Perfect for shorter growing times.

1020 Shallow Microgreen Reservoir Trays — We recommend these flats (sold by Hoss Tools) because the reservoir on the bottom allows the water to be better absorbed into the microgreen roots from the mesh trays. These are our favorite for the size, durability, and quality.

1020 Blackout Humidity Dome — This dome is ideal for creating a good environment to get your microgreens started while germinating.

1020 Clear Humidity Dome — We use these to help young microgreens get a good start after coming out of germination.

Vibro Hand Seeder by Johnny’s — This vibrating seeding tool saves a lot of time sowing microgreen seeds. Power adaptor available.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds — One of our top choices site for quality seeds, both microgreens and our greenhouse production.

True Leaf Market — Another good option for organic seeds for home growers buying in smaller quantities.

High Mowing Seeds — Only certified organic seeds sold here.

LED Strip Grow Lights — One of the best lights to grow microgreens.

AgroMax T5 LED Grow Light Tubes — If you already have fixtures that use T5 fluorescent grow light bulbs, you can easily convert to energy-saving LED tubes without any extra effort. Simply switch out the bulbs. We’ve had excellent results in our microgreens using these lights. They’re even brighter than fluorescents!

Raised Beds & Greenhouse Tools

Greenhouse Repair Tape — This tape is useful for any small tears that happen on greenhouse plastic. Patch it easily with this tape.

Greenhouse Plastic Clear 6 MIL — Lightweight clear plastic for hoop houses and greenhouses. Custom lengths available.

Woven Greenhouse Plastic Clear 11 MIL — We chose this plastic for our greenhouses because it’s extra strong and diffuses the light more evenly. Choose your length.

Repair Tape for Woven Plastic (Solarig) — This tape is effective for patching tears and cuts in woven plastic.

Batten Strap — Make your greenhouse or hoop house plastic more secure with this strap specifically designed to help reduce stress and movement. Very useful against high wind stress.

Greenhouse Sidewall Ventilation Crank — Let out the heat with sides that roll up. This ventilation crank can roll up to 100 feet of length.

DIY Greenhouse Roll-Up Side Curtain Kit — Get all the parts together in one kit for making your greenhouse sides roll up.

PVC Coated Spring Wire Lock — Securely attach your greenhouse plastic with this wire lock that can be removed. This has literally saved our greenhouse plastic from blowing away!

Greenhouse U Channel Lock — This is the channel for the above spring wire (wiggle wire). Or buy them as a bundle.

Greenhouse Shade Cloth (White, 30%) — Keep your crops cooler with this white shade cloth to help diffuse light and disperse heat, unlike black shade cloth (which holds heat in).

Greenhouse Shade Cloth Extra Strength (White, 30%) — Like the white shade cloth above, but extra durable.

Greenhouse Shade Cloth Clips — Secure your shade cloth with these special clips.

Hinged Cover Over Raised Beds (How To) — Protect your crops even if they’re not in a hoop house or greenhouse. Watch this video to learn how.

Soil Amendments

OMRI Listed MicroNutrients QUE4BE — Compost tea is one of the most important tools for the organic gardener’s success. This tea by AgMent LLC is reasonably priced and excellent for the health of your soil.

OMRI Listed GS Plant Foods Humic Acid — One of the ways to increase the nutrient uptake of your soil.

OMRI Listed Terraganix EM-1 — These beneficial microbes will encourage the growth of more microbes in your soil, helping to feed plants.

Information for Health Resources

Environmental & Health Awareness of Toxic Pesticides – Consumer Notice is a consumer advocacy organization dedicated to providing accurate health information, including the risks of toxic pesticides such as those used in conventional farming. Find information and legal advice through their website.

Asbestos in Soil & Water – Find helpful information about how get treatment for asbestos related exposure.

Glyphosate & Roundup: What You Need to Know – Be informed about the dangers of this common herbicide.