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The Story Behind the Girly Girl Greens Farm

Girly Girls Greens began in 2016 with an idea. The credit for this goes to Alise Roberts (daughter number 2 in the long list of family names) who had a farming dream. She wanted to be a part of the farm business, but early on she realized because of circumstances she wouldn’t be able to devote her efforts full-time in farming. Instead, she made the idea come true for us with the enormous support she provided.

From 2017 to 2023, Girly Girl Greens sold certified organic, live (uncut) microgreens to restaurants and the local community. However, the losses sustained from the COVID-19 pandemic greatly set us back. 

Although we returned to full production in 2022, it became clear over time that we were unable to maintain the expenses of the farm and put all the time needed into growing exceptional microgreens. For both personal and financial reasons, we decided to end our microgreens business after December 2023. 

Now we share what we have learned with the rest of the world. We know what works and what doesn’t. And oh, did we have plenty of spectacular failures! Knowing how much it would have helped us to have articles like this when we first began growing, we wanted to make this available so you can avoid the mistakes we made.  

One of our main principles is, create the best and healthiest soil possible by encouraging its soil food web year after year. That is what gives you the most thriving plants. For the outdoor garden, that’s extremely important. For microgreens, the right soil base makes all the difference in success or failure. 

That is why we created our blog, From the Soil Up, to focus on giving you the most helpful information in an easy-to-understand way to put you on the path to growing success. It can apply to almost any size garden and the principles work for raised beds, in-ground growing, and indoor growing.

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What Inspired the Name Girly Girl Greens?

A lot of people are curious: what made us decide on the name Girly Girl Greens? First, there are 8 daughters in the family (constantly outnumbering our 3 brothers, much to their dismay).

Second, our focus with selling started with living microgreens and the term “girly” applies to them because they’re small and pretty. But their small size doesn’t mean they aren’t mighty.

Third, we wanted a name that was going to stand out among the rest of the farms. So with a female dominated family and being women who were farming greens that could be called girly, we decided Girly Girl Greens made sense.

Candy Austin

Candy Austin

Candy (Mama) has always been dedicated to finding the best methods to make our greens thrive and no challenge ever stopped her from continuing to try until she found the answer.

She has devoted much of her life to raising all 11 of her children and loves spending time with her family and being out in nature.

Bronte Austin

Bronte Austin

Bronte (pronounced Bron-tay) was responsible for all the administrative aspects of the farming business. Now she spends her time writing, editing, and posting articles for the blog, which Candy also contributes to. 

Bronte enjoys crossword puzzles, word games, spending time with family and friends, and being outdoors in the mountain air.

And yes, she’s older than she looks.

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